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26 January, 2017

XRF analyzer purchase options and how to finance investments

Finance your XRF analyzer purchase

An XRF analyzer purchase follows the normal procedure. First you gather your requirements. Then you find a product that meets your needs. The next step is to go ahead and order, and regardless of how you prefer to finance your purchase, Xore has the solutions for you.

Xore and our representatives provide several options for you to finance an analyzer purchase:

  1. Buy the analyzer. Straight forward and simple. Payments can either be split over time or tied to specific events in the delivery process.
  2. Lease the analyzer. Lease the analyzer either with a full service contract included or with the service level agreement tailored to your needs.
  3. Rent the analyzer. You can rent an analyzer for a period, either return it afterwards or buy it at the end of the contract.
  4. Buy the service of analysis. Xore can provide you with an analyzer and a full coverage service contract. As long an the analyzer works and supplies you with data, you pay for the service. If there is a problem, you don’t have to pay until it is back in normal operation.

Next step for your XRF analyzer purchase

Go to our Contacts page and call or email Xore directly or our closest representative. If you are in the US or Canada contact White Industrial Capital for financing suggestions. State your wishes and requirements on:

  • Performance. What are your intended number of samples, speed, interface to plant etc.
  • Model. According to performance requirements and experience.
  • Lead time. When do you want it delivered and in operation?
  • Financing. According to your requirements on payment terms and currency etc.

In conclusion, we will be glad you help you and proud to say that we can accomodate to almost any financing requirement.

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