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PRESS RELEASE: XORE and SentianAI in strategic cooperation

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SentianAI and XORE, two Swedish leading innovative companies, form a strategic cooperation.

The ongoing electrification of the society requires the mining industry to recover significantly more metals in the coming years from lower ore grades.

Mining operations are battling variations in ore properties and mineral content that can significantly affect the processing plants’ ability to achieve a stable recovery rate.

To address these challenges, SentianAI and XORE are announcing their strategic cooperation today.

XORE’s technology for real time classification together with SentianAI’s machine learning (ML) technology enables improved recovery rates by ensuring that correct and timely actions are taken.

SentianAI’s new generation of AI powered supervisory control system proactively adapts process control variables based on data from XORE’s analyzer and other process data. It takes into account variations in ore properties and mineral content as well as variations caused by human factors.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with XORE and we are looking forward to working together with the ambition to help mining operations improve their business with the latest in AI and sensor technology in combination”, comments Martin Rugfelt, founder and CEO at SentianAI.

XORE’s X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are installed in the concentrator plants of mining operations all over the world. By exposing a sample to x-rays, an analyzer can instantly collect data to quantify its metal contents.

“It’s one of the most important instruments for a concentrator plant because it provides real-time data on what’s happening throughout the process,” explains Mikael Normark, founder and CEO at XORE.

“Through the combination of XORE’s XRF analyzers and SentianAI’s supervisory control system, we offer clients a foundation for informed decisions, whether man-made or fully automated, to help significantly raise the plant’s overall efficiency”, Normark concludes.

About XORE

XORE is a Swedish supplier of analysis equipment to the global mining industry. We’re a growing company with a foundational product technology that’s long been established in its sector. Close collaboration with our clients is one of our greatest strengths, and it’s how we help them improve their operations along with our products. Together, we develop, optimize, and enhance instruments that increase efficiency. Each client’s needs are unique, so we believe innovative solutions are not “one size fits all.”

Learn more about us at www.xore.se

About SentianAI

SentianAI is a leader in artificial intelligence for the industrial sector. We offer a new generation of supervisory control system that uses advanced and proprietary AI to optimize production processes, leading to higher efficiency and reduced CO2 emission. Founded in 2016, SentianAI’s vision is to help the process industry to transform their businesses and stay competitive in today’s market through leading edge AI.

Learn more about our solutions for Mining at www.sentian.ai/industries/mining