19 November, 2016

Primary samplers

Xore, mining ladders

Primary samplers

The purpose of the primary sampler is to reduce the large process flow. The reduction will be into a more modest amount of between 60-100 liters/minute. The primary samplers can be of different designs. For instance: sampling stations, pressure pipe samplers, tub samplers with cutters or a pump placed in a tub or pit.

Choose a suitable solution with Xore

Usually the type of sampler to use and its dimensioning will depend on a number of factors such as space requirement, sample flow, pipe diameters etc. Most important is to choose a sampler that is suitable for the job and that its dimensions are correct. This typically means that a sampler that is performing well in one application or position in the process will not necessarily work equally well in another place.

Tailoring the sampling system is a task Xore or our partners can assist with.