19 November, 2016

Return of investment

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A great on-stream analyzer investment

Online analysis is a substantial investment for a plant. There is not only the analyzer itself but it also requires infrastructure such as primary samplers, sample pumps and piping. Boxray is a great on-stream analyzer investment. Automated analysis will increase productivity in several ways. First of all trends and variations in the incoming material is spotted earlier. Secondly staff that used to collect manual samples can now be utilized to interpret the data from the analyzer and controlling the process. 

Payback time for an analyzer investment is between 4.8 and 5.3 months (Jones et al. 1991)

Raise productivity

Boxray analyzers typically raise the productivity of a concentrator plant with a few percent. Even for a smaller operation that translates into a substantial sum of money. The figures will vary depending on the ore, what metals are produced and the production rate.

The investment will pay off in a few months for a smaller operation and for large scale operations it can be as short as a few weeks.

Return of investment in several ways

The equation and proportions of return of investment does not only apply to the purchasing of the instrument. It is also valid for service and maintenance. With a service contract and continuous training for the staff on site, downtime is kept to a minimum. This also means that cost of spare parts is reduced. Unscheduled downtime cost money at the same pace as it is saved when the analyzer is running. Therefore we encourage all our customers to maintain their equipment and use our skilled engineers for service and training. Boxray is a great on-stream analyzer investment.

Financing the investment

Online analysis is a sound investment but the timing of the purchase may not always be perfect. Therefore Xore offers financing options to accommodate customers who need their capital better elsewhere. Leasing options are available as well as payment plans.