Xore opens subsidiary in Norway

Swedish Norwegian combined flag

Xore will open its first subsidiary, in Norway. “We are very happy to announce these good news, especially in times when there is not so much good news around” says Mikael Normark, CEO.

“Xore has had interesting discussions with some Norwegian companies, and the time has now come to open a local branch. This will pave the way for future business”, he continues. “Norway is interesting because they have mines and smelters that can benefit from our products. These clients are also close to our headquarters, which makes service and support easy to solve from day one”.

Xore has agents covering markets from North America to the Russian Federation. “We prefer to have some form of local presence and on these markets we have found sales partners with existing networks” says Normark. “Norway is close enough for us to be able to cover clients there with our Swedish staff. This gives us a short starting stretch, while all possibilities remain open for the future”.