Boxray Compact Double Application

New, double, application Boxray Compact

A new – double – application for the Boxray Compact analyzer Xore, a Swedish company specializing in on-line analyzers for the mining industry, announces a new, double, application for its Boxray Compact XRF analyzer. ”Our on-stream analyzers are very versatile to begin with, but this is taking it to another level”, says Mikael Normark, CEO[…]

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Blog Post: Top 10 Tips for Peak Analyzer Performance

The data from online and onstream instruments are the very foundation on which most concentrator plants process control systems are built. Analyzer performance has direct effect on productivity. Reliable and representative data enables good decisions. Poor data leaves you guessing. Analyzer performance drives productivity It does not matter whether the process control is manual or[…]

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Blog Post: Top 11 tips for Improved Analyzer Availability

So you are using on-line instruments to monitor your process? Good for you! Using instruments for this purpose is a good investment. But do you make the most of it? Download checklist for analyzer availability here (pdf, 57 kB, opens in new tab or window). Imagine a concentrator plant producing 10.000 tonnes copper per year. The copper[…]