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XRF Instrument Benefits

Thes are some of the reasons why Boxray XRF instruments are world leading
With measurement times as short as 20 seconds for the Boxray 24 model and 30 seconds for the Boxray Compact, we have the fastest online XRF analyzers on the market.
Fewer sensitive components means that there is less that can go wrong. Sometimes it is just that simple.
The Boxray on-stream analyzers have a PC as central node. With a LAN connection you can access your XRF instrument and see how it is doing from anywhere in the world!
The method of excitating the sample with a secondary target makes it possible to use low levels of radiation and still maintain a high quality in the measurements.

Innovative and precise XRF Instruments

Our on-stream XRF analyzers are robust and known for extreme precision, great quality and top performance.
Xore is a genuine Swedish engineering technology company.

The products are based on innovations from the mining industry of northern Sweden. Xore is one of the world’s leading suppliers of on-stream analyzers and related services to the mining industry. Xore is the natural first choice when investing in equipment for online elemental analysis of pulp and liquids. Our product brand is Boxray™. Xore holds the necessary permits from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority to build, use, service and sell equipment with ionizing radiation.

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