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Business Sweden, the Swedish trade and invest council, publishes an article on Xore’s partner search in Canada on their website.

Xore’s search for a sales partner in Canada and US started by initiating contact with Business Sweden’s local office in Xore’s home town Skelleftea, Sweden. From there Xore was guided to their Toronto office and plans were made for the partner search process.

The focus was on finding candidates among the Canadian mining suppliers and meetings were planned. The preparations also included a market outlook for Xore’s products in Canada and a number of mining companies were contacted.

During a trip to Canada several meetings were held, from Vancouver to Newfoundland. Meetings with both distributor candidates and mining companies. The meetings confirmed that there is a good market for Xore’s products in Canada and US, and that there are companies both capable and willing to assist Xore in reaching the potential customers.

After further evaluation White Industrial Products was signed as exclusive dealer for the Boxray on-stream analyzers for the Canadian and US markets (see separate press release linked below).

“We are happy with the assistance from Business Sweden throughout the whole process” says Mikael Normark, CEO of Xore. “Using them has certainly saved us time and effort in finding an agent for these markets” he continues.

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About Xore: 

Xore is a technology company based in Skellefteå with its roots in the mining industry of northern Sweden. Xore is one of the world’s leading suppliers of analyzers and related services to the mining industry. The product brand is BoxrayTM.

About White Industrial Products:

White Industrial Products is a single source industrial product provider based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, with 300 employees. White carries a wide range of products under their own brand and from selected suppliers. White Industrial Capital offer leasing and financing to companies investing in industrial equipment.