Boxray analyzer for quality assurance of slag

Boxray Compact XRF instrument, onstream XRF analyzers by Xore

Xore will participate with the Boxray Compact analyzer in a new R&D project called “Innovative Quality Assured Fayalite Slag Products”.

The aim of the project is to improve the fundamental knowledge on slag chemistry and how process parameters can be altered to control the slag composition and long term properties. Participants in the project are Lulea University of Technology, the Boliden Ronnskar copper smelter and a small number of industrial partners, where Xore is one.

“We are glad to be participating in this project with our Boxray Compact analyzer” says C.E.O. Mikael Normark. “The project initiators were familiar with our analyzers from other applications and during the project’s startup process they came to us and asked if we would be interested in participating”, he continues, “I believe it is a sign of our products strengths that well renowned researchers invite us to participate in their work”.

The aim is to take existing, well proven, technology into a new application on slag products. On-line analysis will provide quality assurance of the slag and also provide the possibility of a closed loop control system.

The properties of the slag products will be largely influenced by the properties of the liquid slag (composition, tapping temperature) as well as solidification method. Thus characterization of a selection of solidified slags obtained from different composition, tapping temperature and cooling method will be conducted to evaluate the impact of different conditions. The possibility to measure the slag composition on-line after solidification will be investigated. This will be based on the methods and knowledge existing at Xore AB.

“By using our analyzer they will take away a lot of technical risk as it is a well-proven product, the challenge is to integrate it into the slag handling systems. The slag is highly abrasive, more than any ore, so we have to consider that as well as develop a new set of calibrations.” says Normark. “On-line analysis with our Boxray Compact analyzer will immediately give them continuous quality assurance of the slag. The other thing of great importance is that it will also give them a data source for future semi or fully automated process control”.

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