Xore selected to represent Swedish innovation

Boxray 24 XRF instrument, on-stream XRF analyzers by Xore

The growing Swedish mining analysis company Xore has been selected by the governmental organization Business Sweden to represent Swedish innovation in the program “Mining for Generations – Mining by Sweden”.

“We are very happy and proud to be selected as an example of a Swedish company in the forefront of mining technology and innovation” says Mikael Normark, CEO.

The company is one of ten Swedish successful SME’s that has been selected to represent Swedish innovation and creativity in the mining industry.

Leading supplier of analyzers

Xore is one of the world’s leading suppliers of analyzers and related services to the mining industry for on-stream analysis of pulp and liquids. Xore’s Boxray analyzers are used in e.g. concentrator plants to monitor metal content in slurry and solutions. The analyzers deliver accurate data at a high pace to the control room or control algorithms.

”We help customers in the mining industry, the world over, to optimize their production with our system that is fast, precise and provides continuous analyses. With Boxray a concentrator plant can, in a very short time, become more productive and profitable. Our operational reliability is maximal.” says Mikael Normark.

Growing company

Today, Xores analyzers can be found on markets over three continents. Xore is in an expansion phase and has recently sold its first unit to Africa and established a new partnership in Chile.

“We are working hard to reach new markets and find new customers as well as local sales representatives”, continues Normark. “This nomination is evidence that we are on the right track and hopefully it will boost our efforts” says Mikael Normark.

Mining for Generations – Mining by Sweden is a Swedish government and industry initiative launched during 2016. This communication platform is run by Business Sweden in dialogue with the different stakeholders within the mining industry in Sweden.

For more information:

Mikael Normark, CEO, cell: +46 73 801 63 53

Read more at www.miningforgenerations.com and www.xore.se

About Xore:

Xore is one of the world’s leading suppliers of analyzers and related services to the mining industry. Xore is the natural first choice when investing in equipment for on-stream analysis of pulp and liquids. Our product brand is Boxray™. Xore is a genuine Swedish engineering technology company based in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. Our analyzers are robust and known for extreme precision, great quality and top performance. The products are based on innovations from the Swedish mining industry.